trevor jones - Cabaret Performer


Trevor has performed in cabaret shows at respected Cabaret venues all around Australia.

His newest show, Kollision, will be premiered in June and July 2014 at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival and the Tasmanian Cabaret Festival.

Some of Trevor’s highly acclaimed shows have included:

  1. The Greatest Medley of All Time (with Jade Leonard, 2012, 2013)

  2. Plays Bigger Halls (2011 Trades Hall)

  3. Sticky Situations (2011 The Butterfly Club, Downstairs at the Maj,
                              & 2012 La Boheme Adelaide, Slide Sydney)

  4. By Chance (2008 Chapel off Chapel, The Butterfly Club, Downstairs at the Maj, Mt Buller, Taggarty, Ballarat Cabaret Fetival 2012)

  5. By Chance 4 Midsumma (2009 Chapel off Chapel)

  6. Midsumma Best of the Fest 2009 - 2011 (The Butterfly Club)

  7. In The Dead of Night (“The Accompanist” 2010)

  8. Move On (2001, Downstairs at the Maj, The Nash Hotel)

  9. Tom, Dick and Trevor (in development)


“his exuberance and uniquely enigmatic style was intoxicating” Dean Arcuri, Theatre Press, 2012 (The Greatest Medley of All Time)

If you’ve ever... wanted a fun night out with some hilarious stories and great music, this is the show for you” Jade Kops, GlamAdelaide, 2012 (Sticky Situations)

“Two words for this show from me: Pure Awesomeness!!!” Divya Jankee, GS Magazine, 2011 (Sticky Situations)

"The comedy of Adam Hills, the grace on the piano of Billy Joel, and the voice of a 90’s boy band…energetic, entertaining and just plain impressive" - Nathan Eva, Lot’s Wife, 2008 (By Chance)

“With a range of diverse song categories ‘Moving Confessional Ballad’, ‘Jazz Standard’, ‘Longest Song Ever’ and ‘Audience Participation’, ...Jones shows off his vocal talents well.” Trevor Gager, ArtsHub, 2008 (By Chance)


Hear some recordings of Trevor Jones in action

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